Features of Travel Booking Software

What are the specific features that you could enjoy in our product? Many of you will surely want to have the best travel arrangement and dealings in your every travel business. Well, you could have all of what you wanted through our software. We will enable you to enjoy and be comfortable in your every transaction with your potential customers. Hotel and tour booking script will function beyond what you have expected. You will be able to experience and to have the best of our software through its features.

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The Best System of Online Reservation

If you are in field of travel business, you will be able to have the best of you service and business. Every things will be well taken care of and manage through using the software that we offer. You can count on our software’s flight booking features

PhpTravelScriptis one of the foremost real-time online systems of airline reservation and is secured in MySQL and PHP which is developed under the framework of Zend. We possess engines for custom booking in the entire extent of traveling online. The software solution that we have will meet each of customers’ requirements and standard.

Information Stored By Our Online System of Airline Reservation

What is the beneficial information that is stored by our airline reservation? We have the capacity to provide you and your client the needed information or data in every travel dealings or business. This information includes the following:

  • The complete details of flights - These particular details include originating destination terminal and the flight terminal, the number of booked seats and the available seats that are between the two travel destinations.
  • The Description of the customers - This information is very important. It includes the customer’s address, the name, code, and the phone or contact numbers. The said information or records can be used as bases or reference in case there is an emergency.
  • The description of reservation - Like the customer’s description, this is also important. This includes the code number of the customers, the flight number, the booking date, and many more.

Main Function and Purpose

The module of airline reservation that we have uses the basics concepts of the system of reservation. The type or reservation system that we have enables the passengers to quickly book through your websites. This will enable the passengers to do the following functions:

  • Searching for airline flights in various parts of the world
  • Managing or controlling the price
  • Customizing the setting of API
  • Online payment and reservation confirmation
  • Cancelling the reservation made
  • Permitting to accept online orders and making customer’s invoice
  • Supporting both the version of database and version of API

Flight Booking - The Main Features

Our modules on airline reservation are created to make air booking through your websites well as the invoice it for payment. Here are some of the flights booking features:

  • Searching for supports of the airlines in any travel destinations worldwide.
  • Wherever you are, as long as you are connected in the internet, you will be able to have access to the business. Booking in the airlines in several parts of the world will be easy through this feature.
  • Having freedom on customizing the routes and the price of the fare.
  • There will always be a room for several valuable changes that you wanted. The route customization and price modification will always be welcome.
  • Allowing airline passengers to find the flights which are available in particular cities.
  • It is the Arrival city and Departure city. The system encourages passengers to have 2 travel city options. The airline flight lists among the schedule of the two cities will be displayed.
  • Displaying the result of the Flight Search that is available in the flight.
  • The passengers will be permitted to click their chosen flight, enabling them to create reservations on it. Your clients or customers will not anymore have difficulty in viewing the result of the flight search. The transactions or dealings of your customers in your site will be fast and easy.
  • Showing the details of flight
  • This includes the Flight Number, Departure City, Flight Fare, Arrival city, Departure Time, arrival time and arrival date. Every beneficial detail will be given to facilitate traveling or vacation among the customers.
  • This information includes the name, city, state, address, contact number and many more before the reservation is made. The said data will be used for in identification and fast access to the passengers’ vital information.
  • Asking the passengers to have entered the required data
  • Permitting infinite calendar based one way reservation or return reservation.
  • Passengers will be able to choose exact date that they would want to book. There is always a room or spot for the reservation they will desire.
  • Accepting online order by payment gateway like PayPal.
  • Paying will be easy because it could be done online. We will very much welcome receiving payment through several online gateways similar to the mentioned one.
  • Customizing the gateway of payment.
  • You would have the chance and the privilege to select your own portal or medium of payment. You are always free to customize and made your own choice regarding on how you will pay.
  • Providing bills among passengers, child, adults and infants.
  • Having mighty administration as well as privilege system that is roll based.
  • Having freedom on customizing the setting of API through control panel of the administrator to integrate the entire APIs. Our company presently supports Expedia and Wego. But we have planned to include more API sellers in immediate times. You will be able to change or customize the customer ID, API key, currency and many more.
  • We have a lot of things to offer just to provide you and your travel business the efficiency and top performance. Our company and the product that we offer aim to bring you perfection and comfort in your every business operations. The superb features will enable your business to become more efficient in your every business dealings.