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Service Level Agreement :

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") provides paid users ("User", "you") of EICRA SOFT LIMITED Service with certain rights and remedies regarding the service levels of EICRA SOFT LIMITED. Users of the EICRA SOFT LIMITED Service are subject to the EICRA SOFT LIMITED Client License and the EICRA SOFT LIMITED Service Terms of Use.

This SLA does not apply to Users of the EICRA SOFT LIMITED Client that are not paid users of the EICRA SOFT LIMITED Service.

This SLA applies only to EICRA SOFT LIMITED. It does not apply to any other services or offerings.

  1. Technical support requests are classified in several service levels (SLA – Service Level Agreement). The service levels differ in response time and other parameters; and depending on technology area and/or operating level agreement with third party vendors.
  2. Technical support requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Maximum response period is defined by the defined service (SLA) level. Priority 1 and 2 requests that require immediate response or direct help of tech support specialists may be processed out of turn. The problem-solving period depends on the request urgency level, problem complexity and the potential need to hand the request over to the development department.
  3. The technical support service cannot guarantee the fixed problem-solving period because there are a number of influencing factors:
    • Client's timely replies
    • Response time of a third party company
    • The need to prepare and release a software update, etc.
  4. The response period depends on the current technical support service workload and can take less time than stated in the regulations. Sometimes, a problem can be solved immediately upon the receipt of a request or additional information from a client or user. The response of technical support specialists should never exceed the maximum response time defined for a given support level. In this or a similar situation, making a phone call to the sales department or creating posts in the forum has no practical consequence because it will not accelerate the problem-solving process. The maximum response times are defined below.

Hours of Coverage and Escalation Procedures

Service Requests
The Helpdesk is the initial contact for all service related requests.

The hours during business sessions are:
Saturday-Thursday: 9AM - 6 PM (GMT +6)

Service will be prioritized on the following scale.

1. SLA Levels

Level of
Description of Severity Response
of the day
in a Week
Critical An issue takes application down, security issues or major malfunction resulting in majority of users unable to perform their normal functions. 8 Hours 08 hours in a day 05 Days in a Week
Priority Critical loss of application functionality or performance resulting in high number of users unable to perform their normal functions. 12 Hours 08 hours in a day 05 Days in a Week
High Moderate loss of application functionality or performance resulting in multiple users impacted in their normal functions. 24 Hours 08 hours in a day 05 Days in a Week
Normal Minor loss of application functionality, improvement, documentation or product feature question. 36 - 48 Hours 08 hours in a day 05 Days in a Week

Definition of priority levels in support tickets

Criticalthe problem results in extremely serious interruptions to a production system. It has affected, or could affect, the entire user community. Tasks that should be executed immediately cannot be executed because of a complete crash of the system or interruptions in main functions of the production system. Data integrity is compromised and the service request requires immediate processing as the issue can result in financial losses.

Priority — !important It does not prevent operation of a production system, or there could be minor degradation in performance. The error is attributed to malfunctioning or incorrect behavior of the software.

Highthe problem will or may result interruptions if not address (no business impact). The issue is currently not causing problem but may result service interruption if not address soon or a security issue raised that need to fixed soon. In summary , any point need to be address soon in order to avoid future downtime or caused service interruptions.

Normalthe problem results in minimal or no interruptions to normal operations (no business impact). The issue consists of "how to" questions including issues related to APIs and integration, installation and configuration inquiries, enhancement requests, or documentation questions.